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In our gaming platform we have more than 100 unique slot games combining the best features. Our games include bonus games, free spins, additional gambling gains, random multipliers, perfect graphic arts, animation and sound. We are always ready to develop and implement any slot with any functions and mathematical model for our clients.

The newest games are available in Flash, HTML5, iOS and Android versions.

The latest products will show on ICE, visit us to find something interesting.

People play roulette for a long time and rules of this game are the same all over the world. It should seem nothing new could be invented.

We developed and implemented new interface for roulette game. It gives gamblers opportunity to play on 4 tables simultaneously! This innovation increases game speed, stakes handle and as a result profit of online casino owners.

Roulette without Zero is also interesting game that can attract players with 0 House Edge.

At present we can offer you 5 basic types of poker for game played against the House and 1 type of Black Jack.

It's easy to get a new type of Poker or Black Jack on the basis of current games.

We can also develop and implement online poker room for a specific client.

There is no matter to tell a lot about huge worldwide lottery popularity. Our solution will help to satisfy your player's interest in this field

Now we have 5 classical numeric lotteries such as 5 from 36, 6 from 45 and others, Every lottery game has a Jackpot, easy to play interface, great animation and sound effects.

Also we offer you Two Bingo and One Keno games.

Currently we have 16 scratch games with over 65 different design and animations.

For the best gameplay we carefully considered rules and story, integrated sounds and animation in every game. Its wide variety allows each player to choose the most suitable game.

You can use all the games as part of our online lottery solution or we can integrate any game to your existing platform.

In our gaming platform we have more than 25 unique HTML5 games, supports modern iOS, Android and desktop browsers:

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